Most of my designs feature different characters doing the Alaska Hand Map (the shape of the state of Alaska using your hand). I wanted to make something that is uniquely Alaskan, and our state is HUGE with lots of little villages with tongue-twister names, so we all know this map comes in handy when someone asks "where's that?"




The Original

This is the first design launched in 2008. People call it the Snowboarder, the Skateboarder, etc., but it's actually based off of a picture of me, the artist, Taylor. People ask why the person has no face. I didn't want it to be a distinct person in the beginning. I wanted the focus to be on the Hand Map. Since then my characters have been more specific. 



Captain Doug

(formerly called Old Man AK)

This is the second design created in 2009. I wanted an iconic Alaskan doing the hand map. He never really had an appropriate name. People called him the Fisherman, the Captain, the Old Sourdough, the Prospector, etc.. But over the years I have had a number of people tell me this is without a doubt their friend, Doug, now the late Captain Doug Heimbuch. After hearing about his life and the type of person he was, I decided to officially change the name of my design to what many people were affectionately calling him already, Captain Doug. He was a life-long fisherman starting in the early 60s on his parents' fish site, "a cannery foreman, heavy equipment operator (building the trans-Alaska oil pipeline - the only Alaskan on the crew), a logger on the west side of Cook Inlet, a tower builder for the FAA and a skilled carpenter. But he lived to do what he most loved: setting nets and hauling salmon aboard skiffs and finally onto his beloved gillnetter, the Wanda Sue."  "Doug was kind, compassionate and non-assuming and he had a way of endearing himself to people, whether he had known them five hours or 50 years. He loved music, laughter and life." * I am happy to honor a person of this caliber.

*Excerpts from obituary written by Suzie Kendrick 

 Captain Doug Heimbuch
photos by Suzie Kendrick and Jesse Glaves




The Yeti

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Kushtaka, Nant'ina, Urayuli, Hairy Man,... He has many names. Some claim to have seen him. The legend is world-wide and has deep roots in Alaskan Native culture. This is my take on him. 





Day of the Dead Moose

I was inspired by the beautiful artwork I've seen surrounding the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos celebration. During this multi-day festivity family and friends gather to pray for and remember their dead.   




Heidi & Sparrow

Heidi is an Alaskan girl who loves her malamute, Sparrow. Sparrow is her adventuring side-kick, and they love exploring their beautiful home state.